Homeboys in Atmospheric Space (noshootingstars) wrote in nyyankees_daily,
Homeboys in Atmospheric Space

AL East: as clinched as Jeter's pants!

That is what I like to see.

CC gets his phallic celebration on!

I love seeing Cervelli back there. ♥

And in case you don't already know about it, go check out yankee_babes for awesome champagne celebration pics!
Tags: alex rodriguex, cc sabathia, champions, derek jeter, francisco cervelli, joe girardi
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This was such a great for everyone, especially the young un's. I loved seeing them really get into the celebration and we did it with the Sox having to watch.

It's a beautiful season, now let's go for it all.
Definitely agreed! This season has just been amazing and I've loved following the Yankees through it all. No better way to clinch the division than what we did yesterday. ♥

Yes! We've got three more celebrations ahead of us.
Mo really gave it up to the young guys in his interview on ESPN. I love seeing so much love on my team. <3
Agreed. Mo is always so genial and I love how much enthusiasm he shows for his teammates.
the funniest thing was that Joe Morgan from ESPN was saying that you wouldn't see Jeter, Posada and Mo celebrating with the champagne because they don't celebrate until they win the Series. And clearly he was wrong
That so annoyed me. The media is constantly trying to paint this picture that the "old guys" are stuffy and regal compared to the new, younger players as if there's tension between them when it's the exact opposite.

Ah, well. It's not like Morgan and co. know what they're talking about on any other topics either. :p
omg riddering your icon is so full of win and awesomeness! i love it.